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An incredibly fun project was the development of Hasselblad’s H6-D and X1-D cameras. The H6-D is one of the world’s best cameras with top quality images. The X1-D is based on the same concept but is a mirrorless camera. Here BMOCon participated in the development of the electronic platform and implemented, among other things, parts of the image processing that takes place in the hardware.

The cameras are truly best in class and have a price tag accordingly, but if you’ve ever photographed with a “Hasselbladare” it’s easy to understand why you’d be hooked.

Hasselblad CEO Perry Oosting said at the launch of the X1-D: “A guy told me: I may not know much about cameras, but this thing… it is sexy!”

I think it’s been a really fun project and I’m proud to have been a part of it. (Björn O)

Companies we have worked with (among others):

Volvo Cars
Kongsberg Automotive
DTU (Danmarks Tekniske Universitet)
SP (Borås)
SAAB Defence
Ericsson Mobile Platforms
Ericsson Microwave
Siemens Laser Analytics